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Why Coupons?

Coupons Provide Benefits to ALL Parties Involved

Coupons provide many benefits to businesses. Following are 3 examples:

1) Provides a means to get the word out about products. All businesses need to advertise if they
want to attract new customers or even to retain their existing customers. Many advertisements,
especially in print, are ignored by consumers. However, if the advertisement has a coupon,
many consumers will take note and allow the advertisement to linger in their brain
as they consider when they may need that product next.

2) Allows a business owner to price discriminate. This is actually a good thing. Businesses rely on
volume of sales as well as on margins. If everyone pays a discounted price margins of a business
will suffer. However, if there are no options for those with lower incomes, volume will suffer.
The ideal is being able to charge less to those who are price conscious and more to those who
are not. Coupons allow this as only the price conscious will take the time and effort needed to get
a discount. Companies will maximize revenue and profits by offering a good coupon to attract
those that may not be able to afford their product at full price.

3) Coupons allow businesses to guide their customers to the buying habits that benefit the business.
For example, if there are certain days or times during the day that are very slow, the company can
offer special coupons only valid at certain times or during certain days. This also provides a benefit
to customers as it will level out the peak wait times. Businesses can also use coupons to guide
customers to higher profit margin products. With coupons you can make sure that the business and
its customers are working in harmony for the best experience for both.

Following are some of the benefits to consumers:

1) With a coupon, consumers are able to afford products that they may not be able to afford without
a coupon. This increases the standard of living for those that take the time to obtain coupon discounts.

2) With diligent couponing, consumers can keep within their personal budgets without sacrificing many
of the joys of life that are provided by retailers and service providers.

3) Spending time looking for the right coupon can be the most valuable time spent during a day. For instance,
if it takes 5 minutes to find a coupon to save $2.00, that 5 minutes is rewarded at a rate of $24.00 per hour.